Masters Program 

The Master of Tea Arts qualification represents the highest tier of qualification. Masters of Tea Arts are those that have the knowledge, skills and commitment to actively promote and uphold the highest standards of quality and service in the tea industry. 

Candidates that are admitted to the Masters Program must have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that have been qualified by the Certified Tea Master (CTM) Exam and the Premier Tea Master (PTM) Exam.

Students will receive individually tailored programs to help them attain the extensive knowledge and acute skills that are required for the Master of Tea Arts qualification. The institute’s instructors will design each student’s education program based on the student’s performance in the CTM and PTM exams, and after an individual consultation. 


The Masters Program includes the following components and exams: 

  • Aged Wulong Tea 
  • Roasting Wulong Tea 
  • Pu’er Tea – Investment and Collecting 
  • Zisha Teapots – Historical and Contemporary Masters 
  • Advanced Performance of Tea Rituals 
  • Tea Culture and History 
  • Industry and Marketing Issues 
  • Tea Appraisal Certification 
  • Level I Certified Tea Masters Instructor Exam 
  • Level II Premier Tea Masters Instructor Exam

The Master of Tea Arts Program is open to all professionals in the beverage or hospitality industry who have passed both the Certified Tea Master Exam and the Premier Tea Master Exam. 

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Masters of Tea Arts (MTA) Program 

Each student will receive a personally tailored program to work towards attaining the Masters of Tea Arts qualification. 

Students that have successfully achieved the Certified Tea Master and the Premier Tea Master accreditation may consult with the institute to develop their individual program. Details on course fees will be provided upon establishing the individual’s program requirements. 

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