Premier Tea Master Program 

The Premier Program develops a greater depth and breadth of expertise needed to become Premier Tea Masters. 

A primary objective of the Premier Program is to strengthen the students ability to distinguish levels of quality in both tea and tea ware. Students will also learn advanced brewing techniques and tea rituals to optimize flavour profiles and experience a further dimension of tea arts. 

The courses broaden the student’s understanding of each tea category, and builds upon the tasting and performance skills developed through the Level I program. 

The Premier Program is comprised of 10 components: 

  • #221. Zisha Teapots I 
  • #222. Zisha Teapots II 
  • #231. Traditional Chaozhou Style Gongfu Tea Rituals 
  • #250. Green Tea & White Tea 
  • #251. Red Tea 
  • #252. Wuyi & Anxi Wulongs 
  • #253. Guangdong & Taiwan Wulongs 
  • #254. Black Tea & Pu’er Tea I 
  • #255. Pu’er Tea II 
  • #260. Tea Culture & History 

Upon completion of the program courses, candidates may continue their study of the techniques and principles provided in the program to prepare for the Premier Tea Master (PTM) Exam. 

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Premier Tea Master Certification Exam 

The Premier Tea Master (PTM) Exam identifies individuals who are proficient in optimizing the flavour profiles of tea through traditional Chinese tea rituals, and who can accurately evaluate tea quality according to MTA standards. Candidates must come to the Premier exam with extensive preparation to successfully pass this challenging exam. 

In addition to advanced skills and technique, candidates are expected to reach a broad degree of knowledge in order to qualify as a Premier Tea Master (PTM). Candidates will be examined on detailed knowledge, such as the varietals of Anxi wulong, the composition of zisha, and the cicadas of Hsinchu. This level of detailed knowledge of Chinese tea is necessary to earn the title of Premier Tea Master. 

The Premier Exam consists of three components: 

  • Written exam 
  • Blind Tasting exam 
  • Performance exam – requires the candidate to demonstrate proficiency in traditional Chinese tea rituals 

Candidates must achieve a minimum pass of 70% in all sections to earn the title of Premier Tea Master (PTM). 

Individuals may challenge the Premier Exam without completing the Premier Program courses, however they must have passed the Level I Certified Tea Master Exam. 

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Level II. Premier Tea Masters Program 

Tuition fee is $2,500 per person. 

Students may opt to enroll in individual courses to meet their specific needs and interest. Fees for individual classes are $250 per class. 

Materials, equipment and detailed lecture notes are included. 


Level II. Premier Tea Masters (PTM) Certification Exam 

The Premier Tea Master Certification Exam is composed of thee parts: a written component, a tasting component and a performance component. Candidates will be given 3 hours to complete the exam. 

Exam fee – $380 

Fees for repeating the exam – $380 

 Fees for repeating individual exam components – $150 per component 

Materials and equipment are provided. Candidates are welcome to bring their own equipment to execute the performance exam. 


Join us to become a true Tea Master.