Tea Arts Programs

The IMTA offers hands-on programs and specialty workshops to share the joy of Chinese tea arts, and develop the knowledge and skills of authentic Tea Masters.

The institute offers 3 levels of education programs to guide tea lovers through the intricate world of Chinese tea arts, and to becoming multi-faceted Tea Masters. Candidates can also receive accreditation for the expertise gained in each program level, by choosing to complete the certification exams.

The Master of Tea Arts qualification is the highest tier of accreditation that can be attained. To earn the title of Master of Tea Arts, candidates must pass three levels of programs:

  1. Mastering The Fundamentals Of Chinese Tea Arts: Certified Tea Master Exam (CTM)
  2. Premier Tea Masters Program: Premier Tea Master Certification Exam (PTM)
  3. The Master of Tea Arts Diploma Exam (MTA)

Individuals that successfully complete all three levels of certification earn the Master of Tea Arts qualification and can be referred to as a Master of Tea Arts (MTA).

The Level I Mastering The Fundamentals Program courses and the Level II Premier Program courses are open to all tea lovers. Individuals may enroll in all program courses or select specific courses that match their interests.

Candidates that desire to take the certification exams can qualify by completing all the requisite courses that prepare them for the practical examinations.

Admittance to the Masters of Tea Arts Program requires the successful completion of both the Certified Tea Master Exam and the Premier Tea Master Certification Exam.

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