The tea master’s goal is to create a sublime experience by connecting people, art and nature.  Mastering the art of tea is truly about mastering the art of service and providing uplifting experiences.


What We Do

We help tea masters realize their potential. Chinese tea arts can be a sublime experience. To offer such a transformational journey involves excellence in product, knowledge and service. We help aspiring tea masters understand the full nature of the tea experience, and become the inspiration that guides others into this world of taste and beauty.

Our training covers much more than academic study. MTA certification symbolizes a wealth of understanding in tea culture and products, the ability to distinguish quality through tasting skills, and proficiency in the performance of Chinese tea rituals. It also communicates the ability to use expert judgment and skill in all areas of Chinese tea service, and provides confidence to clients, employers, businesses and customer audiences. The attainment of MTA certification represents the successful achievement of vast knowledge and exacting skills developed in the training programs. 

We help aspiring tea masters become the inspiration that guides others into this world of taste and beauty. 

Candidates that seek MTA certification include industry practitioners who wish to make better purchasing decisions, and learn how to offer the highest levels of service for their customers.  The certification signifies an individual’s professional commitment to the standards and methodologies established by the MTA.  


What Is A Tea Master?

The concept of a tea master often varies from person to person, because the position of a tea master can serve different purposes. At the Masters of Tea Arts we believe that the title of Tea Master represents a multi-faceted role.


We are devoted to training tea masters who can make a difference.

Join us to become a true Tea Master.

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