Vision & Aims

Our vision is to nurture Tea Masters that will promote higher quality products and services in the tea industry, and perpetuate the complete experience of tea as an art.

The Institute of Masters of Tea Arts (IMTA) was established to promote the enjoyment and education of authentic Chinese tea arts. The IMTA aims to provide the highest standards of education and training for tea enthusiasts, and rising tea masters, in the field of Chinese tea. 

In addition to an academic education of tea, the IMTA focuses heavily on practical training in both tasting, and the performance of Chinese tea rituals. The objectives of the education programs are: 

  • To advance the understanding and enjoyment of Chinese tea in the areas of taste, performance and culture. 
  • To further the understanding of issues affecting product quality, and promote higher standards of quality in the tea industry. 

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Masters of Tea Arts Distinction

Masters of Tea Arts certification symbolizes a wealth of knowledge, the ability to apply the highest standards of tasting skills, and the mastery of authentic Chinese tea rituals. 


What distinguishes us from other tea industry qualifications? 

To promote the finest experience of Chinese tea the IMTA provides comprehensive training that covers much more than academic study. The attainment of IMTA certification represents the successful achievement of the vast knowledge and exacting skills developed through the training programs. 

Candidates that seek IMTA certification include industry practitioners who wish to quantify their skills and experience. The certification signifies an individual’s professional commitment to the standards and objective methodologies established by the IMTA.  

IMTA certification symbolizes a wealth of understanding in tea culture and products, the ability to apply the highest standards of tasting skills, and proficiency in the performance of Chinese tea rituals. It also communicates the ability to apply expert judgment and skill in all areas of Chinese tea, and provides confidence to clients, employers, businesses and customer audiences. 

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What Is A Tea Master?

The concept of a tea master often varies from person to person, because the position of a tea master can serve different purposes. At the Masters of Tea Arts we believe that the title of Tea Master represents a multi-faceted role.



Premier Tea Masters Program

The Premier Program develops the depth and breadth of expertise for students to become Premier Tea Masters by strengthening the students ability to distinguish levels of quality in both tea and tea ware. Students will also learn advanced brewing techniques and tea rituals to optimize flavor profiles and experience a further dimension of Chinese tea arts.