Certified Tea Master Program

Mastering The Foundations of Tea Arts

The certified tea master program guides students through the sophisticated art of Chinese tea, and builds the necessary foundation to becoming a genuine Tea Master. 

The courses offer a comprehensive understanding of the flavor characteristics, cultivation issues, and processing methods of all tea categories. Students will also learn the proper function and aesthetics of Chinese tea rituals, and gain an appreciation for the rich history and culture of tea arts. 

In addition to academic knowledge, each course provides hands-on training and tea tasting. Together, the courses help students appreciate Chinese tea as a fine art, and promote the understanding about tea quality. 

Mastering The Foundations Of Chinese Tea Arts is comprised of 6 components: 

  • #111. Tea Classification & Processing I (Green, White, Yellow, and Red Tea) 
  • #112. Tea Classification & Processing II (Wulong Tea, Black Tea) 
  • #131. The Art of Chinese Tea Rituals I (Gaiwan/ Gaibei) 
  • #132. The Art of Chinese Tea Rituals II (Traditional Chinese Teapots) 
  • #150. Professional Tea Tasting 
  • #160. Understanding Chinese Tea Culture 

The program prepares candidates for the Certified Tea Master Exam (CTM), which is the first level towards the Master of Tea Arts (MTA) qualification. 

Tea enthusiasts are welcome to enroll in all Level I courses, and may also select individual courses to suit specific needs and interests. 

Classes are typically scheduled over 4 consecutive days. We will aim to schedule dates that work with your personal calendar. Simply email us with your contact information, your preferred dates, and let us know the number of people planning to attend.

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Certified Tea Master (CTM) Exam 

The Certified Tea Master exam is designed to qualify individuals with the knowledge, skills and demeanor that are necessary to becoming a “Certified Tea Master” (CTM). The Certified Tea Master title represents the primary accreditation for solid expertise in Chinese tea arts. 

The Certified Tea Master Exam is comprised of three components: 

  • Written exam 
  • Blind Tasting exam 
  • Performance exam – requires the candidate to accurately perform traditional Chinese tea rituals to properly prepare 2 unspecified teas that will be provided. 

A minimum pass of 70% in all sections is required. Upon the successful completion of the exam, candidates will earn the Certified Tea Master (CTM) certificate issued by the Institute of Masters of Tea Arts. 

Students must take the Certified Tea Master Exam before applying for the Premier Tea Master Exam: 

Individuals with a strong background in tea may challenge the CTM exam by completing only the requisite Chinese Tea Rituals & Tasting Courses in the Mastering The Fundamentals Of Chinese Tea Arts Program (Courses 131, 132, & 150). 

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Level I. Mastering The Foundations Of Chinese Tea Arts 

Course fee is $1,300 per person. 

Students may opt to take individual course components to meet their specific needs and interest. Fees for individual classes are $250 per class. 

Materials, equipment and detailed lecture notes are included. 


Level I. Certified Tea Master (CTM) Exam 

The Certified Tea Master Exam is composed of three parts: a written component, a tasting component, and a performance component. Candidates will be given 3 hours to complete the exam. 

Exam Fee – $295 

Fees for repeating the exam – $295 

Fees for repeating individual exam components – $150 per component 

Materials and equipment are provided. Candidates are welcome to bring their own equipment to execute the performance exam. 

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