Aroma Tea House (Lam Kie Yuen Tea Canada) Joins IMTA

MTA is excited to announce that Lam Kie Yuen Tea Company’s Canadian branch, Aroma Tea House, is now offering MTA programs in the art of Chinese tea. 

Founded in Hong Kong in 1955, Lam Kie Yuen Tea (LKY Tea) has a long history of offering Chinese artisan teas and specialty tea wares. The family operated company has been supporting both connoisseurs of tea and commercial clients for almost sixty years, and has built a brand known for quality and consistency. 

LKY Tea expanded their reach to North America when the founder’s daughter, Eliza Lam, pioneered their first Canadian branch named Aroma Tea House in Vancouver. Eliza Lam’s extensive expertise in the tea industry and tea arts has been developed from childhood and growing up in her father’s tea business. With a lifetime of tea experience she is now proud to be continuing the traditions established by her family in Hong Kong and spreading the art of Chinese tea to North America. 

MTA welcomes Eliza Lam and believes her experience and generous personality will offer invaluable contributions to the MTA community. 

To learn more about MTA programs or to register for our programs please contact us. 

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