Featured Tea Master


Thresa Griffin – Featured CTM  Truly, most of my life I never thought much about tea. That is, until one evening when I happened to Google “tea master” and this amazing world came to light. Right then and there, I decided to make the pursuit of tea not only a career, but a lifestyle. I spent the last few years learning anything and everything I could about tea. I sought and met with specialists in the field, people who owned tea businesses and plantations, authors and teachers, and tea aficionados of varying degrees. I went to countless tastings, classes—group, [...]

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Aroma Tea House Joins IMTA


Aroma Tea House (Lam Kie Yuen Tea Canada) Joins IMTA IMTA is excited to announce that Lam Kie Yuen Tea Company’s Canadian branch, Aroma Tea House, is now offering IMTA programs in the art of Chinese tea.  Founded in Hong Kong in 1955, Lam Kie Yuen Tea (LKY Tea) has a long history of offering Chinese artisan teas and specialty tea wares. The family operated company has been supporting both connoisseurs of tea and commercial clients for almost sixty years, and has built a brand known for quality and consistency.  LKY Tea expanded their reach to North America when [...]

Aroma Tea House Joins IMTA2021-04-09T18:12:13-07:00
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